The Foundation has a total of 25 signature funds

Each fund has its own rules, which determine the purpose for which grants are awarded.

Fund of Anna-Liisa Antila-Kaljunen and Aatto Kaljunen

Personal grants for students at the University of Oulu Faculty of Education’s programme for Primary Teacher Education, especially Music Education.

Fund of Antti Palva and Martti Sorri

Grants for research in the field of ear, nose and throat diseases performed at the University of Oulu.

Gynecological research fund

Grants for research in the field of gynecological and obstetric research performed at the University of Oulu.

Fund of Helvi Hakulinen-Sipilä and Eino Sipilä

Grants for mature scientists in the field of English philology and medicine.

Fund of Hilkka Jaakkola

Grants for brain research, as specified by the University of Oulu Scholarship Foundation.

Fund of the foundation of Inari and Reijo Holopainen

The Fund’s purpose is to support and promote the construction industry, technical, techno-economic research and research on the proper use of natural resources as well as medical and nursing research, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancerous and other tumors, as well as the search for treatments in other serious diseases.

Fund of Kosti Marjamaa

Grants for medical research concerning

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • eye diseases
  • mental illness
  • pediatrics

Fund of Lauri Lajunen

Grants related to post-graduate studies in the field of chemistry at the University of Oulu.

Fund of Markku Mannerkoski

Personal grants for post-graduate science students.

Nokia fund

Grants for Master’s thesis or post-graduate work in the field of electronics and electrical engineering.

Fund of Faculty for Contemporary Architecture

Grants for meritorious work in the department of Contemporary Architecture at the University of Oulu.

Fund of Oulu Chamber of Commerce

Personal grants for economic research at the University of Oulu.

Oulu Heartwomen’s fund

Grants for research in the field of cardiovascular disease.

Fund of University of Oulu Alumni Association

The purpose is to contribute to research work carried out at the University of Oulu.

Fund of P.K. Juntunen

Grants for students at the Faculty of Technology who have demonstrated particular interest towards questions related to the economy of construction, especially related to the conditions in northern Finland.

Fund of P.P. Halonen

Grants for construction engineering and architecture students, who have shown a particular interest in issues related to the economy of construction.

Research Foundation of Northern Finland

Personal grants for scientific research related to Northern Finland.

Building technology/Fund of Erkki and Jouni Koiso-Kanttila

Grants for meritorious studies at the department of architecture related to building technology.

Finnish Technical Society Fund

Grants for projects furthering the professional development and internationalization of Masters of Science and Architecture as well as research and development work promoting the industry.

Science Fund

Personal grants for post-graduate studies and travel grants. The Science Fund awards one-year grants for research assistants to do dissertations. The applications by young post-graduate students and projects related to internationalization are considered especially when awarding grants.

Fund of Ulla-Maija Mäkilä

Grants for research in the field of gynecology related to young people.

Fund of W.J. Kaipainen

Grants for medical research mainly related to internal medicine at the University of Oulu.

Vilkevuo fund

Grants primarily for pharmacy students, secondarily for medical faculty students.

Fund of Ville Rajakaltio

Grants for research work performed in Northern Finland aiming to develop and diversify the industry of Northern Finland.

Urban and Regional Fund

Grants for student and research work performed at the Urban Planning laboratory in the Department of Architecture at University of Oulu.